The Village Hall committee is seeking a grant from the ACRE Jubilee fund to improve the Village Hall, these improvements are targeted at energy efficiency, improving the heating and ventilation, and enhancing the meeting space and Hall IT infrastructure. If successful, the ACRE grant would be 20% of the overall allowable costs of this work.  We hope to raise around £74,000 in total to undertake these improvements.

ACRE has asked anyone applying to the fund to outline how the bid will be supported by their Parish Council, On Monday the 13th of February we presented our plans to the Parish Council during the open section of the Parish Council meeting, they will now convene an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday the 20th of February to discuss this and present their conclusions.

The notice from the Parish Clerk is as follows.

“There will be an extraordinary Parish Council meeting on Monday 20th February in St Peters Church at 8.00pm To discuss Cornworthy Parish Councils support for the Village Hall Committee’s grant application to the ACRE Jubilee Fund to improve the Village Hall the meeting is open to everyone”

Lots of work has been going on over the last few months to understand what work we should prioritise to improve the hall for all and how we can bring together the funds to pay these prioritised improvements.  Our planning has taken on-board the feedback that we received from parishioners in our last survey.

We plan to pay for the work from  current reserves, donations, and through fundraising.  The committee are developing a fundraising plan and are talking to the Parish Council to understand if this is something that they could support financially.

Here are links to further information about the ACRE Jubilee fund.

We will keep you all updated of our progress and how you can help over the next few months.

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