Can you help us fund improvements to our Village Hall?

We are looking to raise £15,000 with a Crowdfunding campaign.

All donations, BIG and SMALL, will be put to the best of use. We are taking advice from quantity surveyors and have listened to the feedback from you (a warm and well-ventilated hall was your no 1 priority) The Hall has served the parish well for many years. Still, it now needs investment to ensure that it will continue serving parishioners’ needs into the future.

You can follow the link to our GoFundMe campaign here.

Cornworthy Crowd Funding

We are raising funds through this crowdfunding campaign, through endowments and grant applications. Our overall target is over £75,000, of which we have secured over £30,000 ! through generous endowments and our available reserves. We have a prioritized list of improvements  that we are keen to get on with, including better heating and ventilation, bringing broadband into the Hall, improving the toilet facilities, and a rolling maintenance program.

We have produced a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), which we hope answers any further questions you have.

Fundraising for the Village Hall – FAQ

Many Thanks in advance for supporting this campaign


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