Cornworthy Dog Show

The Village Hall Committee organized yet another successful and entertaining Cornworthy Dog Show at Dymonds Meadow, courtesy of Sue Stevenson. The Pimm sales were booming as we watched  our canine friends compete for various coveted titles, such as the waggiest tail and best biscuit catcher. Additionally, owners were encouraged to join in to showcase their best six legs.

The dog show has become an annual tradition in the Cornworthy Calendar, not only providing an entertaining afternoon but also contributing to the £3500 yearly running costs of the village Hall. This year, the event raised £411, thanks to Bunny, who coordinated the participants, and Judge Judy, who faced the difficult task of awarding the prized rosettes.

Without further ado, here are the full results:

Fabulous Fella

  • 1st Place: Victor
  • 2nd Place: Guinness
  • 3rd Place: Boris
  • 4th Place: Oscar

Lovely Lady

  • 1st Place: Millie
  • 2nd Place: Eefa
  • 3rd Place: Minnie
  • 4th Place: Buffs

Best Biscuit Catcher

  • 1st Place: Millie
  • 2nd Place: Skye
  • 3rd Place: Minnie
  • 4th Place: Eefa

Waggiest Tail

  • 1st Place: Finn
  • 2nd Place: Ruby
  • 3rd Place: Luna
  • 4th Place: Purdy

Best Six Legs

  • 1st Place: Tilly
  • 2nd Place: Guinness
  • 3rd Place: Buffs
  • 4th Place: Goose

Most Appealing Expression

  • 1st Place: Wilton
  • 2nd Place: Badger
  • 3rd Place: Hector
  • 4th Place: Ruby

Musical Chairs

  • 1st Place: Ruby
  • 2nd Place: Skye
  • 3rd Place: Guinness
  • 4th Place: Victor

Egg and Spoon Race

  • 1st Place: Minnie
  • 2nd Place: Tilly
  • 3rd Place: Skye
  • 4th Place: Millie

Dog that the Judge would like to take home.

  • 1st Place: Flynn
  • 2nd Place: Ruby



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